Manifesting a Magical December II


And it's here! December arrived and it's time to make it more magical than ever!

I hope you managed to assemble your December journal. I really enjoyed putting mine together and I already received quite a few gifts and magical moments since I did. So so cool!

If you're new here let me link you to the posts that talk about this special December project:


As I'll be enjoying this process in real time too - this is not a pre written project and my journal is not already finished - I will be sharing things as I go.

I've already jotted down my wishes for this month and safely tucked them in the back pocket of my journal.

I journaled about my day, found things to be grateful for, used a few stickers and was very mindful of my moods during the day. Must say I still have to work on a few things :D I also noticed 2 messages from the Universe.

So, I hope you started too. I hope your wishes are written down and tucked safely in your journal's back pocket :) And I hope you will take some daily you-time during this month to write down about the magical things that will be happening to you because you set out the intention of receiving them. Whatever they may be. Refer back to my first post if you have to but I bet you already know what to do. 

We are going to practice intention, mindfulness, gratitude and be creative with the whole thing. Right?

And lastly! First goodies are here! I have prepared a brand new tutorial for you and you can find it right here:

Tutorial - Making your own printable sticker sheet

I really hope you go and make yourself some stickers to use and that you'll share with me what you come up with. I think that one can really never have enough stickers :D

Wishing you a fabulous start to this special December and see you next week!


With much love,



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