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Manifesting a Magical December - Making a journal - part 2/2

Welcome to part two of this tutorial about making your own Magical Journal from scratch. In part one we covered how to prepare the covers and you can find that here . In this part I'll be shorter. I'll explain how I went about making my inner pages and how I bound my journal. As my recycled papers were A3 size and I knew I wanted a smaller journal - A5 - I knew I will have to cut them in size to get there. So I painted them accordingly. To get my final pages to have their upper and bottom side in color, I needed to paint my big papers like this: This particular paper even had a fold in the middle so I knew where to paint my stripes of colour. I didn't fold the others so the results were much more unpredictable :) But I love my final papers and their perfectly imperfect colorings. Here's my stack of painted papers and my cover in the back: As I decided to add the greetings cards I received at the end of last year into my journal and one piece of last year's wrapping

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