Little Houses DIY


Time sure is behaving weirdly these days :) It feels like ages since my last post but then at the same time almost like yesterday.

I started loom knitting a new pair of leg warmers for myself as I feel the need to slow down and just enjoy this quiet time. I also feel really good about diving into a new creative learning so this December has been full of really nice surprises. It is good to observe and receive the signs, nudges, hints, messages... whatever you want to name them. Are you getting them as well?

My offer for this week was prompted by our local supermarket store that decided to give out little paper houses with every purchase of 10 euros. The above photo is what I'm talking about. They are made from cardboard which is really nicely printed on both sides and pre-punched so that one can take all the pieces out easily and assemble the house. They also had a little mat to put them on and fairly lights to give illumination to the houses. BUT. It looks like everybody started collecting them so they ran out of them! :)  I do find this so cute and magical and am really glad people found the joy in collecting and assembling these little houses.

So now that it's getting harder and harder to get them I made a little template of my own. It's pretty straightforward, print it onto a thicker paper, color in, cut out, fold and assemble. These do take a bit more effort then the ones from our store but it's nice to be creative so I hope you give it a go. Make as many as you want and maybe even turn them into Christmas tree decorations :)

I'm sharing them with everyone. Let me know if you make them as I'd love to see them.

Just click on the photo, download it to your computer and print it out. Enjoy the coloring and assembling! 

See you soon. May you have a peaceful and meaningful week.

With much love,



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