Manifesting a Magical December I


Hello my friend, how about we do a really cool project together?

I’m calling it »Magical December« and it’s all about making this December really special. How so? Through simple, but very powerful acts of intention, mindfulness, gratitude and simple art journaling. Let me explain a bit more.

December is fast approaching and let’s be honest, it can be a pretty rough month. It can also be a wonderful and magical one. Over the years, I’ve experienced both and realized, that the magical and special ones started happening when I chose to focus on the good happenings around me. So it was really only an attitude shift that I had to do in myself, but because I went through it, I now know it is possible and I am doing my best to live this way every day, every month. It’s a work in progress thing, I won’t lie, I can still get quite depressed and bogged down but I am also able to pick myself up again much faster than I used to be. And making art and keeping some sort of a journal helps tremendously.

So, how about we embark on a little monthly experiment and see how it changes the daily going ons and how it affects our moods and views on things?

We will start by making our own special monthly journal for this. Why? Because, when we are using something we made AND when we made it with a special intention, that thing becomes very powerful. You can of course use an already made notebook or a sketchbook but I do ask you to go and embellish those blank pages in advance to make it more “yours” and while doing so, put in your intention for the month. To show the Universe that you are serious about this and that you are prepared to put some effort in. It’s how the Law of Attraction works. You get more of what excites you, of what makes you react. In a good or not so good way.

And what’s the intention behind this, I hear you ask? Well, for me, it will be to have a month full of magical moments and signs from my Spiritual Teams that I will be able to write about in my journal. I will also be very mindful of how I will be spending my time during December and the moments I’ll get to be grateful for. Being in a grateful state lifts our vibration and the higher the vibration we have the better we feel. Those around us profit from this immensely as well :)

My number one vibration lifter is being creative, creative in any of the creative outlets out there – needle felting, cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidering,... I usually go for some sort of art making and this also includes art journaling a.k.a. journaling with some added embellishing thrown in. Which is exactly what I will be doing through December with this project.

So, even if you don’t feel like being a very creative person or somebody who doesn’t know how to draw a stick figure – which I seriously doubt is the case as everyone IS creative they just might not be aware of it – do join in. It’ll be fun and you will definitely make your December much more magical.

And to keep things even better I teamed up with my friend Heidi from to add even more sparklies to our December get togethers via our blog posts. Here’s a break down of what’s coming your way should you decide to join us:

  • 5 blog posts coming up every Thursday, starting with 25th of November which will cover how to prepare or make your own journal
  • every December’s post will contain a free printable for our subscribers
  • December posts will either highlight one of our own pages with a photo tutorial on how we made them or will bring you a simple idea or a technique to try out in your own art journaling practices. Totally beginners friendly!

I sincerely hope this resonates with you and that you will join us. If you are not yet subscribed to our blogs I kindly ask you to do so as I really don’t want you to miss out on the goodies that could be coming your way.

Oh, and please let me know how this idea sounds to you and tell me what is your number one vibration lifter. I’d love to know.

With much love,



First blog post in this series is up now and you can find it HERE.


  1. I absolutely love this, what a wonderful idea to not only cap the year in a colorful, powerful,magical sort of way, but also to learn from it and make the new year and after magical as well 🌈 Ever so inspiring Nina ❤

    1. Ohhh my beautiful always supporting friend! Thank you sooo much for always being here for me! I can't wait to see/hear what this project brings to you ♥

  2. I so love how you can make something as December so bright and colourful - while I am all about gray and some mor gray, with some gray bits, you create energy and joy with your challenges.

    1. Wow Paper, this must be the most beautiful comment I've ever received. Thank you so much. It's my choice to make it colorful and bright as it makes me much happier than the grey and sad one does. You can do this too, we all can. Hope to have you join us my friend.

  3. Dear Nini, you always bring us amazing surprises :) I really like you idea of creative December :)
    PS: I am already subscribed ;)

    1. Thank you my dear friend 💖 I love your unconditional support and am really glad to have you on this journey with me 😘


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