I've been pondering on mandalas since last Friday as they came up in a newsletter I'm receiving in which I was linked to a YT video showing a very different type of mandala. I'm talking about this one should you like to watch it. 

This video got me to do some research and I realized I've been painting loads of mandalas this year, and last year too, as they are basically any meditative art drawn in the shape of a circle. They can of course be square shaped too and full of intricate geometrical shapes but the fundamental thing about them is - they are made slowly with great attention to the process itself which to me is a meditation practice by itself. 

You can see how I painted a similar circle (to the one posted above) back in January here and I am using this opportunity to invite you to try it out too. Just you, watercolor paints, water and watercolor paper. Enjoy observing the pigments and how they do their thing on pre-watered paper. Or how they re-act to each other. And when everything is all dry, search for images that will undoubtedly pop up in your circle painting and outline them. I am pretty sure you will find some answers in them.

I'd love to see what you make so please share it with me. I am still on IG and FB should you share under the #madewithnini 

But above all, have fun and stay centered and connected. 

All the best till my next post :)



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