Small Sketchbook Challenge

I've been chatting online with my incredibly talented friend Yvonne today about how uneasy it is for me to draw anything "just because". The stuff that comes on paper can be downright embarrassing for me... sometimes. If I am in the mood for drawing then it's ok but if I'm not.... seems like there's no way in getting me there.

But... I know that practice makes perfect and that a lot of creatives out there suffer from "the fear of the blank page" and the "fear of screwing up" and the lack of "what on earth to put on paper" inspiration so I decided - on a whim of course - to TRY and FILL up my little Moleskine notebook thingie. It has terribly thin paper inside (almost see through so I know things will bleed... arrrgh the horror) and is in no way meant for drawing but I'll TRY anyway! Why? Because no matter what, I LOVE the idea of this, I'd love to have something to browse through when it's finished and because I honestly need to practice more. In the drawing department and the loosening up one. And because I still remember how I felt when I finished my little sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project back in 2012.

So for this gigantic challenge I'll be using a small 3,5 x 5,5 inches, 64 pages to fill up (if I do a page a day) or 32 spreads (sounds much better doesn't it?) notebook. And if I take away the first page - for title purposes and all that - I have even less pages to fill! (go me, already plotting ;) ).

Who's with me? :)


  1. Yes, the moleskine paper is really too thin to draw even to write notes. But I really love its handy and small format.

    I remember my good feeling after completing my Sketchbook Project too (I did it in 2011). I'm thinking maybe I can join in? I want to practice pattern design. This small book maybe a perfect format for pattern sketch :D

  2. Oh Pavinee, you are really so industrious! You are drawing more than anybody I know :)

    I really like your idea of keeping this little notebook for pattern design purposes. I hope you'll do it as I'm already very interested in what you'll come up with.

    Thank you ♥

  3. I have the teeny tiny watercolour moleskine book which is pretty great. But it's also nice to have a wee book for just pure drawing/doodling.... so is there a timeline for your challenge?Are you going to do the Spoonflower prompts in it...or just draw what you feel? Good luck, Nini! Can't wait to see what goodies you turn up with! ;)

  4. Hi nini!
    LOL, that is one huge journal. But this is an excellent idea! Everyone who draws still draws embarrassing things sometimes. The trick is to do so much that those times are fewer and farther between. You are absolutely right that practice is the only way. I look forward to seeing some of your daily drawing. :D

  5. Oh yes Sandy, I know your little tiny watercolor book, it's awesome and you are doing a very good job of filing it in.

    I don't have any deadlines for my challenge so feel free to jump in any time you can.

    I will probably end up using Spoonflower's prompts because it'll be easier for me :)

  6. Thank you Cindy, you sure know this as a master of drawing/painting!

    I'll be posting my sketches/drawings/collages/whatevers once a week (hopefully).

    I just need to hang in there and DO IT! :D

    Huge journal yes! hahaha

  7. Nini, this little sketchbook drawing is just what I want to do! A while ago I bought a little sketching moleskine. Andrea Joseph (whom I met in Sketchbookskool) inspired me to try little high detailed ball point pen drawings in it. Will give it a go when I am back from holiday :D

  8. I'm so, so happy that I inspired you to do a challenge :D Yay :D Yes, it's all buried inside doing it & keeping going... I'll keep going & will definitely cheer you on <3 Please tag me - I don't always see everything on FB or blogs because I don't have enough time (mamma-duty ;) ), but I really don't want to miss out! I know you'll be awesome because I saw your work! If there is anything I can do to help you keep it up - like prompts? I have a jar full ;) - please let me know!
    Love how you get people going - that is definitely one of your skills :) You rock, friend :) Now go rock *it* :D <3 xx

  9. And you're doing a great job ever since you started. That you managed to do and make all the things I saw passing by on Facebook on these flimsy pages. I know how thin the pages of a Moleskine like that are. Makes me nervous to think of drawing on them, haha. But a lot is possible with them I see know :-).
    And it seems you're doing a great job on the loosening up part too!

  10. Awww Yvonne, my front-girl cheerleader! :) Thank you for these awesome words.

    Esther, I haven't heard from you in such a long time. Thank you for the visit, I always appreciate your comments. You are right about the pages being so flimsy :D One can do a lot about that but it results in over-thickness of the whole book in the end.


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