Small Sketchbook Challenge - update I

Today is the 11th day of me really drawing and painting in my little notebook! I decided to make it a bit more fun for me so I asked my Facebook friends to pitch in their wishes (in form of prompts) and in return I'd try and draw from them.

I plan to have a little giveaway when I'm done and I'll randomly pick one of those who asked for a drawing and mail them "their" spread - scanned and printed of course :)  I'm still taking requests so feel free to leave me a comment here for a chance to get something from me.

Here's what I have done so far:

"Light" for Yvonne
"Once Upon A Time" for Soni Raj
"Butterfly/Caterpillar related" for Sandy
"Freedom" for Liezl
"Fruit - plums & peaches" for Rhiannon
"Autumn" for Anna Stina

I used photo references for the last two paintings and I drew my pretty cup on Day 4. It's interesting to see how choosing the media I work with changes my critical mind. One can't possibly be precise with acrylics on such a tiny space so I don't care if things don't look as they do on the photos. And I like it! It's very freeing.

I will write more about those who have "pushed" me to start doing this because I'm really grateful to them and they deserve an entry on their own. Thank you my friends!


  1. A really terrific challenge and you are doing so great! So many different styles and subjects! I just love that little teacup, and the landscapes. And the woman in red, terrific! Post more! :)

  2. Thank you Cindy, very very much. I am going to post more of course, just need. more. time. ;)

  3. Hi my friend, it was about time I hopped by your blog again :-)! You are so very productive and as it seems having so much fun with your sketchbook. I love the the spreads you are doing lately. I especially feel attracted to the forrest pages. I just want to go there :-).


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