Thank you 2014 and welcome 2015!

my chubby companion all full and filled up :)
I really wanted to shout this out and let the Universe know how much I appreciated this year. It was truly awesome in so many ways that I can hardly grasp it in this busy Holidays time. I will have to sit down in the beginning of January and take in all the goodness that happened for me and around me this year because I need to savor it a bit longer. I'll also write a special blog post just to honor it properly. Luckily I've been good and kept my journal so I can really dig out all the highlights of this amazing year.

I already have a feeling 2015 will be just as awesome :) Why? Well, for at least three reasons:

1. The response to my 12 pages in 2015 Project. So many new creative friends are coming my way that I'm blown away. I'm even going to have a special Sweet Pouch swap with one of them because of my 12 pages :)  Isn't this amazing? Thank you Monika for dropping in and making it happen!

2. Number two has everything to do with my old on-line friends; those I met for real for the first time this year and am hoping to see again in 2015 and those who I am about to meet in 2015 for the first time. I can hardly wait and I only wish air-tickets were cheaper, much MUCH cheaper :)

3. Lila Roger's 2015 Assignment Bootcamp (thank you mom for this wonderful gift ;) ). I'm hoping to get my art to a higher level. I know I don't blog as often as I should/could but those who know me know, I like to illustrate a lot and I would really like to do it professionally again. 

So, my dear friends - new and old ones. Thank you for being here for me and with me and I'll toast tonight to an awesome 2015 for all of us again! See you and read you in 2015! :)  

with much ♥ 



  1. Happy new year! It's going to be another awesome year in 2015 and I'm so glad I will be making art and taking class with you this year too. Let's have fun :D

  2. Happy New Year :) I hope it will be a good one. Thank you for this inspiring and positive attitude. Your attitude makes spirits go high! And Thank YOU for joining in the swap. So excited :)

  3. Thank you Pavinee, it's going to be fun indeed and I'm looking forward to everything too... even if it's "a bit" overwhelming ;)

    Thank you so much Monika, your beautiful words warmed my heart. Let's hope for a great one together :)

  4. Love the excitement coming at me in waves off this post :D You make me want to get going - you always do <3 Still & always sorry I don't spend more time with you - I know it's been said enough, but I still struggle - hug!
    YES to 2015 - a new year to get creative - a new year to find ways that work :D Wishing you an amazingly creative one with lots of sleep, too ;) Going to get me some paper to dive into your 12 Pages Project this weekend!
    & last but not least - know I'd love to see you here, you're very welcome to stay - as long as you like :) x!

  5. Oh Yvonne, your words are always so uplifting, thank you for this. It really doesn't matter that we don't chat that often or write to each-other because I know you are out there and I know I can call you my friend and this is perfectly enough for me.

    Big hug! ♥

  6. Hi Nini!
    I don't know what happened but today is December 3, 2020, and I just got an email in my inbox with this very post from the end of 2014! I hope if you get this message, it finds you well in this crazy worldwide pandemic and generally weird and terrible year of 2020. Next year should be better for all of us! :-)


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