Small Sketchbook Challenge - update III and a winner of the giveaway

Here is my last update on this subject as I'm already finished with the little book and thinking about what to do next.

"Sleep" for Sandra

"Circles" for Alexandra

"Merry" for Pavinee
"End Of Summer" for Verla

"Fika" for Kathleen

"Fox" for Katrin

Curious about the winner?

Number one was chosen by and it belongs to Yvonne! :) Yay Yvonne, I'm really happy about this. You'll get your spread mailed to you asap!

Another big thanks to all who participated, it was fun to draw for you so I just might do it again in the future.

And here are the links to the previous posts with pictures from the little sketchbook/book/notebook ;)

Update I
Update II


  1. Really? Really?? REALLY?? :) :D <3 <3 Speechless <3 <3 & so glad I came to catch up this morning - feeling even *more* guilty for trailing behind almost anywhere right now... You are amazing & a lovely, lovely friend (before randomness chose me, too, of course! ), & I'm so sorry to keep missing things <3 BIG hug!!

  2. Oh yes Yvonne! Really really! :)
    The letter is already on it's way to you, if our post was any quicker it would have been there already by now :D
    I was really really glad the Universe chose you, my dear dear friend. ♥


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