Small Sketchbook Challenge - update II

My little book is all filled up now and I'm really glad that it is. Why? Because I have my life back! :D

I know it must sound awful but it's true. As much as I'm glad I did it, as much as I do like going through it there is still this immense relief about the fact I don't have to do it anymore, that I don't have to come up with something each day but most of all, that there will be no more thoughts about how I could have done it/drew it better.

I am so SO grateful for all the cheering up my on-line friends did because they helped beyond words. It's always so great to receive comments and words of encouragement, especially on the "dark" days.

I have learned and attested a lot from this challenge:
  • I do need time to produce something I am proud about
  • I don't like pressuring myself with my own projects because let's face it, I really don't HAVE to do anything I don't feel like doing when I know that I am ABLE to do it
  • one should work on GOOD quality papers most of the time
  • REAL sketchbooks are for artist's own eyes only
  • I really like drawing for others and I really don't care about drawing for myself :)

There are probably more things I learned but let me show the next 11 images from the little sketchbook just in case you missed any ;)

In my next post, I shall reveal the person who will get "her" piece printed out and sent over.

Suzi's "Line" even if she didn't ask for it specifically :)
"Egg" for Andrea
"Love" for Sandra

Which is your favourite so far?

Here's my previous update:
Update I


  1. omigosh, Eggimir! LOL. I think the dreamcatcher is my favorite, so many wonderfully delicate lines! And the precious cake set! (Can you tell I like ink?) The elephants are so sweet! Hooray! So glad you finished and learned some things and now you can move on to whatever you're going to do next! :)

  2. haha Cindy, I know what you mean.... I like ink too, only this little book hates it! :D

    thank you for your support ♥


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