Summer School III

My second assignment is behind me and I am again quite happy with it. Our brief demanded animal prints this time. Not necessarily as a repeat pattern but presented on a tote bag.

I started drawing quite late as I was immersed in totally different things last week so once the idea came to me I happily went with it. It's not exactly an animal print (as I think they wanted it) but it's not apples and pears either ;)

Here's what I submitted:

I find it quite happy and cute so I named it Happy Animal Print and I am offering it in my new society6 store. I think this pillow is totally adorable :) What do you think?

I'm really curious about our next brief now. One learns a lot in this kind of on-line challenges.


  1. Totally adorable! Funky and quirky and unique :)
    Looks great on all the stuff, like how you adapted it for the mug, v trendy.

  2. Totally cute! And happy and a little bit mischievous! Great choice with neutral colors so the pillow would look great anywhere! :D

  3. I *adore* this one :D It looks happy on both the pillow & the tote (is there another photo? Because the page seems not to be loading completely) - it looks happily curious - reminds me of Stijn ;) So cool that you've opened up shop :D Your work is awesome& the world needs to know!! <3

  4. Oh thank you Sandra! I love how you described it.... I'm taking notes so thank you again! :)

  5. Thank you Cindy. Again :) You should totally be my copy writer as you always come up with the best descriptions! :)

    Thank you Yvonne, your words mean a lot to me *big hug*. Did you try the shop link? It's of course working perfectly fine for me so I don't know what was going on :/

  6. Pavinee s has left a new comment on your post "Summer School III":

    It looks really nice and cute on the pillow. I can see it in a lovely little home :)

    I'm thinking about opening shop on Society6 too. Do you have any opinion about it yet? Good luck to your shop anyway :D

  7. Thank you Pavinee! (sorry for your comment disappearing like that... I had to post it myself now)

    I have no opinions on my store yet but those from Sandra who says Zazzle is far better :) So I opened one there as well and I recommend you to check it out.

    I wish you all the best with your shops too! ;) You have so many designs to offer that I'm in awe :)


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