Summer School II

Brief No.1 was all about retro geometrical patterns which were supposed to be presented on swim wear mock-ups. We got some images to get us inspired and were prompted to search on our own too. I just couldn’t stay away from those pattern-y waves so they became my starting point:

I quickly went on to my computer because it’s so nice to see a pattern being “spread” around the monitor. I got hooked instantly and made several patterns which only led me to the painful "selecting of only one" to submit. Yes, it wasn’t easy but with a little bit of help from my on-line friends I narrowed it down. Here's what I submitted - Retro Blues

Another thing I was really pleased with were my presentation pictures. I didn’t use the mock-up bathing suits they provided for us but went with my own drawings based on girls from vintage sewing patterns. They were really fun to draw I must admit.

Here’s the second pattern I really like because it’s bright and happy. I named it Happy Camping due to little pink tents inside the sunny waves :)

I'd love to order one of these next, it looks so cute to me, what do you think?

Yes, I opened up a Society6 store so please check it out - it's here. I love how one can get so many pretty things.

I already have my next assignment to focus on and it's a bit harder than this one. At least to me. But I'm taking it as a challenge and I hope I'll be as happy about the outcome as I was here.

Thank you for the visit. I wish you some lovely summery days, with or without the rain ;)


I ordered a free fabric sample from Spoonflower the other day. So here's how Happy Camping looks like on Eco Canvas. Gorgeous, don't you think? ;)


  1. Oh my gosh those swimsuits are downright retro-adorable! Great job with the silhouettes and very cool you made your own! I like both color combinations but I am partial to the yellow, pink and orange.

    Hooray on opening your shop! I think it needs a fox. Or foxes. But the important part is getting it open, hooray!

  2. Oh thank you Cindy, you are always so kind to me! ♥

    I shall think about making Miss Fox available on Society6... I know she'd look very cute on a phone case... or better, every phone would look much better with her on it ;)

  3. I love the swimsuits! Especially in the yellow colourway. It looks so summery. :D
    Btw I love to see how you and Yvonne and the others are soo active right now! That's so inspiring! I hope I can join you soon. :) (The next two weeks are going to be super busy still..)

  4. Hello Katrin, so nice to read from you *big hug*!

    First of all thank you for your kind words. I really hope things finally get better for you as I miss your online presence. I also miss your art.

    Sending you loads of love and positive vibes my friend ♥

  5. What cute patterns you make, especially your happy camping pattern as an iPhone cover! Congratulations on opening a society6 shop. I look forward to seeing what you create next!

  6. Yes I was SUPER impressed (and in awe) of how professional your presentation was. LOVE it all :)
    ...and the yellow colour way was my fave too. It looks fab on the various things on society6, you should investigate Zazzle too: they have pretty much everything available now to print on, they sent me some tips this week (along with flowery compliments about my graphic designs, heh, more money for them if I work at them all of course!) but I can forward their advice to you if you like?

  7. Thank you so much Sharon, for the visit and the comment... I always appreciate both.

    Sandra, I love your thoughtful comments, always. You make beautiful art so no wonder they contacted you. And of course I'd love to see what you got, thank you for sharing!

  8. Whaw!! I love the iPhone cover!!

  9. Thank you Liezl! Me too ;)


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