My own YouTube Channel? O_O

 The image above was a stamp I made for my Christmas greeting card I sent to my friends. And since I think it's always a good time to wish good things here's my wish for you. May you have a magical 2021! Let it be creative, healthy, happy, joyful and adventurous and full of positive vibes. :)

Now let's get to logging ;) 

My first deviation from previously described accountability buddy a.k.a. scrapbook kinda album already happened. I discovered I won't be able to print out the book containing all of my 365 photos from 2020 (privacy issues between IG and FB and me :D ) so I realized I'll be making them myself from now on. And so, that colorful sketchbook I have, will host all of my 2021 photos. It's not perfect as I can't write properly in it but I'll make it work somehow. You can see here, that I did my Week 1 (on the right side) and then added 6 photos to the left page. So this is how I will go from now on, 6 photos per page till I get them all in :) I'll write some highlights underneath the photos to have for memory keeping.

Another interesting thing happened that was really, really, not planned at all. I started doing my morning  sketchbook meditations again. I did that in 2019 when I somehow managed to do them for a whole year! (hello Project 365 :) ) and I remembered how good it felt to be creative every single day. Preferably in the  morning as it did set the tone for the day. BUT. I guess I wouldn't be me (not to mention keeping up with my word of the year, which is "DO YOU") if I didn't go and push myself a bit further than just posting my pages on IG so I started filming them. Oh my. The awkwardness of filming and trying to fall into the flow of just playing with whatever wants to come out on the page. Well... I am still doing this and you are warmly invited to check out my channel. I hope I'll continue doing this as it's interesting to see how I evolve, what comes up, how I learn to edit my videos and so on. Another way of documenting my learning and hopefully inspiring someone to pick up their brushes too. Or pencils or whatever :)

Here's the video of this kitty page being made:


January was (still is for a few days) about hashtags #OurCreativeJanuary and #OurCreativeSelves that Shalagh from is hosting again. We totally share the same view on creativity and how important it is, so it makes me really happy that we are promoting it together. Do visit her blog to read more about her project and views.

And I cannot but end this post with another challenge that is right around the corner. The "official" 100 Days Project that starts on January 31st. The point of this one, is to pick something you want to get creatively better at, and then commit to doing it daily. I got an idea for myself immediately but am just not sure if I'll be able to keep up with it. My morning sketchbook meditations take way too much time for editing and uploading but since they are fun to do I'm not abandoning them. 

On the other hand, I would also like to make some stand alone pieces of art, not just pages in my sketchbooks. I can commit to working on these even if it takes me more days to finish one. This would be the perfect way to support my intention of learning from that pile of my e-courses as they do require practice and usually have some sort of final assignment - at least those on 

So, I think I'll do it! :) However it goes. I'll post my pieces here and on IG. I would love to see your art too - no matter your project! Please link me to your IG feed in the comments, so that we can connect over there and inspire each other to keep going forward. 

And here's the link to the official 100 Day Project site: 100 Days Project

I really do believe art and creativity, in which ever form, are very much needed in this world. 

See ya! :)

With much love 



  1. Huzzah to you for doing the videos and editing. It’s a bold step forward Nina. And l too appreciate the creativity team effort! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

  2. I really like watching you draw on you YT :) Thank you for sharing these special moments of paintings with us :)

    1. Thank you sooo much ♥ I stopped now but will hopefully return with something again.


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