May Eco Creative Postcards fly!

It's been a week since my last post and I would like to thank all of you who came forward with ideas for my new project's name. It's tough to name things! At least for me.

I wanted this project to be a bit mindful towards the mass over production of printed matters and one of the ways we could use them for. And since I do like to make things this idea really is the most me it could be.

Without further ado, the name I set on is Eco Creative Postcards. Why postcards instead of just cards? Because I'd love the cards to be sent out to spread the love of creating and spark creativity in others.

I have already opened the FB group for this project and you can ask to join in here: EcoCreativePostcards

My wish for this group is to become a place to share our made cards, tips and tricks we'll pick up on our outings and creating, and a place to set up card swaps. So, if this is something that speaks to you, please join in and let us start creating together.

For those of you who don't have FB accounts, let's connect via #EcoCreativePostcards over other social media. If there will be plenty more of us I'll think about setting up a web site just for this project. But for now, one FB group should do ;)

Hope to see you join me!


here is the link to my original post about this idea: about the project


  1. I already told you but I want to say it once more! This is such an awesome idea! And I love your thoughts behind this, all the printing and throwing away is really a waste of ressources and energy. :( So thank you for bringing it up!

  2. My dear Katrin, thank you for these words again. I'd love to see you join us even if you make the cards only for yourself! ♥

  3. Great Blog, I love some new ideas to recycling and give a new life to old things!


    Ana :)

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