M. somehow got himself excited about mountaineering - about hiking onto peaks that are around 2.000 meters in height. Which is good of course as one should be physically active and kept in good shape. But. Taking me along? Physical condition sadly applies to me as well so yes, I do go out there with him.

Yesterday was Storzic day. We weren't exactly lucky with the weather part - the mountain itself was being hugged all day with clouds (as you can see on the first photo) but in the woods it was ok (great for me as I took along my camera in order to take some pictures for my blog). Up there, where the fun part was - rocks and steel ropes to help you climb up - I kept my camera safely tucked away. Plus, all I could see was foggy white everywhere (you can see it on the last photo, where there is a cross on the top of the mountain). We came back quite late in the evening so no crafting on Sunday for me.


I did however, made one stone pendant as a present today. Yay! Here it is:


Read you soon I hope :)


  1. Wow, Storžič looks like a gorgeous place! The woods look lovely too, with the colourful autumn leaves and all. "Ruska" (That's Finnish for the time the leaves turn colourful in the autumn, I don't think there's an English word for it) is one of the things that makes Autumn nice. :)

    That pendant is really pretty, that's a great way to make a special stone even more so.

  2. Thank you kindly. I actually didn't part lightly with that pendant.

    And I like "ruska". It means Russia's in our language :)


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