Lessons In Embroidery

Sometimes things fall together - they click and you find yourself in the middle of that "aahaaaa" moment because your busy brain just sorted out/ fetched from the past/ put together info you thought was forgotten from a long time ago. I love these moments. I really do. Because they make me think I am where I'm supposed to be and that feels amazing.

So, what does all of the above have to do with embroidery? It goes like this:
  • back in August of 2006 I got 2 incredibly cute little handmade books from Laura whom I met over at deviantArt (one of the little books is made of paper and I use it for addresses of friends I meet on-line and the other little book has pages made of felt and is meant to house sewing needles). She now has her own site and creates beautiful and unique hand embroidered items.
  • in August of 2008 my dear friend Katrina surprised me with a small papery suitcase filled with awsomness; lots and lots of different crafting materials which included embroidery threads (or are they called embroidery flosses? the later sounds rather yucky to me as I associate any type of floss with the dental one)
  • I have no idea when I bought my embroidery hoop but I know it was in summer and judging from previous two lines probably in August :)
  • last year I became really good friends with Toi who not only is a brilliant illustrator and photographer, she also uses embroidery to create her amazing "illustration pieces" (remember Mrs. Fox I made after one of her embroideries?)
  • this month Laura decided to start with a series of mini tutorials for which she will prepare all the photos and instructions and they are about.... embroidering of course!

In my mind, this all means it is finally the time for me to give embroidery a proper try. Cool huh? :)

stash for my next project

Here are my gathered supplies and you can see all the things I mentioned above. Aren't those little books adorable? The one with a bee will house the needles.


  1. By jove, those little books are a blast from the past! It's rather lovely seeing them again.

    Love the colours you've chosen :D

    1. :) I love handling your little books. And now that I'll be able to use the needle-book too I'm even happier. Because they love to be used! And you made them really well.

      About the colors; well, it's all that I have really. I could use the "ordinary" threads too, right? Those I have in much more colors :D

  2. Yay, good luck! ♥! The embroidery books really are cute!


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